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Temporary Restraining Order Issued for City's Hen Ordinances

On Nov. 18, 2020, City Council discussed in closed session the lawsuit filed by Citizens for the Preservation of R-1 Zones against the City involving the various hen ordinances. A unanimous decision (6-0, with Councilmen Rivera absent) directed the City Attorney to stipulate to a temporary restraining order, placing all of the Hen Ordinances that council gave second reading to on Oct. 21, 2020 in abeyance until this matter is resolved. This will save the taxpayers from any legal fees associated with the temporary restraining order legal process.

Therefore, please be advised that City residents should refrain from obtaining any hens until further notice. 

Stated another way, because of the Temporary Restraining Order, it remains unlawful for any person to keep or have under their care, custody or control, either as owner or otherwise, any hen within any residential zone district unless otherwise provided by Bakersfield Municipal Code. The Bakersfield Municipal Code is available at

All media inquiries on this action should be made to the City Attorney's Office, 661-326-3721.

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