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Public Works Department - Street Moratorium

The City places moratoriums on any street or alley that have been reconstructed or an asphalt overlay per Municipal Code Section 12.16.110.   Moratoriums are valid after construction is completed for three years for reconstruction and asphalt overlay  project.  There are strict terms and conditions [PDF] for cuts made to streets and alleys with a moratorium in place.  Exception may apply with approval of the City of Bakersfield Public Works Director. The moratorium map is updated as projects are complete, so be sure to check the map on a regular basis or before an application for a Street Construction Permit is submitted.

Important Note: Prior to performing any work in the public right-of-way be sure to make application for an Street Construction Permit.

Disclaimer: The information shown on this map is compiled from the latest information possible. The City of Bakersfield Public Works Subdivision Section makes no guarantees as to the information shown. Any discrepancies or streets not shown on this map, with pavement that appears to be new, shall be reported prior to the start of any construction to the City of Bakersfield Public Works Subdivision or Construction Sections at 661-326-3724 so that any necessary adjustments or inquiries can be made. Updated 2015