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Yokuts Park

Yokuts ParkNamed after the Yokuts Indians, Yokuts Park was developed in 1992. Located just off of Empire Drive, North of the Truxtun Avenue extension, Yokuts Park has quickly become a favorite park for family and friends to enjoy the various concerts in the park through out the ensuing years. Yokuts Park has also been the site of many public service events, including Kids Fest, Keep Bakersfield Beautiful, and the Haunted Trail event, to name only a few. The large expanse of grassy areas have lent themselves to such events, and has made Yokuts Park a true community oriented park.

Come and enjoy the large covered picnic areas, complete with a serving area, along with the sandlot playground area, the bike path as it winds its way through Yokuts Park, and views of the Kern River when you are next in the area. We believe you will understand the reason why this park has quickly become a favorite of the city.

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