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Wayside Park

Wayside ParkWayside Park offers a variety of fun for every member of the family and is conveniently located on the corner of Ming Ave and El Toro Drive. Planning a family gathering? Reserve one of two picnic areas for all to gather. If you are serving food, don’t forget to reserve the serving shelter for easier serving and protection from the elements.

Batter’s up! Come and play softball on the softball diamond located in this park. This area can be reserved in advance to assure it is available for your use. If you don’t play softball; how about basketball or tennis? We offer all of these options, with lighting available for your use and convenience.

In the hot days of summer, we also offer a spray park where the cooling mists of water make even the hottest days pleasant. This feature can be used by all ages, and is free of charge. The interactive toys make it a real adventure for the young and old alike. What an exciting way to enjoy quality time with your children!

Come and see for yourself the wonderful qualities of Wayside Park.

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