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River Oaks

River Oaks ParkRiver Oaks Park is located in the River Run area. Following the flow of the bike path, River Oaks Park is a long narrow greenbelt made to benefit both the surrounding neighborhoods, and the people using the bike path.

Anyone using the park will find open rolling grass areas, lighting, seating, and water fountains. If you are using the bike path, and need a break, this is the perfect park to meet your needs. Quiet and serene, you can relax before starting your walk, bicycling or rollerblading all over again.

For the children of the neighborhood, there is a wonderful sandlot style play area. This new play area offers a large variety of toys for the children to climb, walk on, swing on, or slide down. What a great way to spend the afternoon with your children.

When watching your children, how about a barbeque? There is a covered picnic style eating area complete with a large barbeque. There is also a basketball court for anyone who would like to play.

Come and visit River Oaks Park today, we are sure you will agree with the statement that this is one of the best neighborhood parks in the area!


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