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Patriots Park

Patriots ParkLocated at the corner of Ming and New Stine, Patriots Park is a beautiful place to visit anytime. There are two softball diamonds for use by league players during the softball season, or non-league play during the off season. These diamonds are lighted for dusk or evening play, as are the two basketball courts and the volleyball court located at Patriots Park.

With a large play area, surrounded by individual style picnic areas, the whole family can gather for a really fun day at the park. There are enough sliding, climbing, swinging, and spinning toys in these play areas for every child to find their favorite and enjoy their time at the park. Near the play area, you might want to plan a family size barbeque in one of the individual style picnic areas. It allows your family to enjoy a full day of fun in the sun at this beautiful park.

Enjoy a day in one of the prettiest parks in Bakersfield, we are sure you will enjoy your visit!


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