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Lowell Park

Lowell ParkLowell Park is located at P Street and 4th Street. Lowell Park offers a great variety of climbing, sliding and swinging toys for the children of the family. In addition to the sandlot style play area, there are two lighted basketball courts, so basketball can be played even if dusk has arrived.

There is a large picnic area which can be reserved for birthday parties, family gatherings or other important occasions. Don’t forget to also reserve the serving shelter, which makes serving of food easier and offers shade for those who are serving. This picnic area is located near to sandlot style play area, so while parents eat or enjoy visiting with other adults, the children can remain within their line of vision and hearing and have a great time playing on the variety of toys offered in the play area.

Individual picnic areas are also offered, on a first-come-first-served basis for those times when you feel like spending a day in the fresh air at the park with your children.

A softball backstop is available, also on a first-come-first-serve basis, for the times you may want to play ball with some of your friends, or practice with your children to help them to develop and improve their skills. Or is volleyball is more to your liking? A volleyball area is also available for use, please bring your own net!

Come and experience Lowell Park, we are sure you will enjoy the experience!

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