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Haggin Oaks Park

Haggin Oaks ParkHaggin Oaks Park is a beautiful park located in the Haggin Oaks development on McInnes Blvd and Chinon Street. This park features tennis courts, a sandlot style play area and an exercise area for adults. With open sidewalks, and rolling turf areas, dotted with picnic tables, it is the perfect place for an afternoon with the family or friends.

While you are there you might enjoy watching the antics of the “watch geese”, who live at Haggin Oaks Park all year, within the migrating bird sanctuary. These geese will greet you with loud honking, and are more than willing to relieve you of any bread you may want to give them!

Come and visit Haggin Oaks Park and enjoy the serenity and the “watch geese” for yourself, we guarantee you will agree with our assessment of the park!

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