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Campus Park South

Campus Park SouthTennis anyone? This fun, family oriented neighborhood style park located at the corner of Pin Oak Park Blvd and District Blvd, actually offers two tennis courts on the east side of the park. While parents are playing tennis, there is a play area for children right next to the tennis courts. This small play area has slides, swings, and a seating area. There is plenty of shade to help you to stay cool and a table to enjoy snacks or a picnic with your friends or family. In addition to the tennis court and play area, there is a sandlot style playground area on the north-west side of the park, and a soccer field with goal posts centrally located within the park grounds.

If you are looking for a quiet place to eat your lunch, read a book or just relax, there are various areas in Campus Park South where you will find tables and seating.

Come and experience Campus Park South for yourself.


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