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Beale Park

Beale ParkIn 1908, Truxtun Beale, the only son of Tejon Ranch owner Lt. Edward F. Beale and wife Mary E. (Edwards) Beale, donated five acres of land on Oleander Avenue for the building of the first park in the City of Bakersfield. Truxtun Beale also donated the materials for all of the landscaping and for the building of the Greek Theater and a swimming pool.

For almost one hundred years now this park has been a mainstay within our city. During the summer evenings, the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra performs concerts from the Greek Theater for residents to enjoy. Their beautiful music has been a tradition which has brought generation after generation of families together for relaxing, tranquil evenings in the park.

Although the pool, after almost one hundred years of use, needed to be removed, the park still offers a water amenity in the spray park recently constructed to allow people in the neighborhood to cool off during the hot days of summer and fall.

Beale Park also offers two group picnic areas, which can be reserved for your family or organizations functions, along with numerous individual picnic areas for smaller outings to the park. There are also three lighted tennis courts, four lighted horseshoe pits, one lighted basketball court, a turf volleyball area, and a softball backstop available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

There is a sandlot style playground area for children, with plenty of toys for them to enjoy their adventure to the park! They are sure to find their favorite toy within this fantastic playground.

In addition to the people amenities, there is something at this park for people who like to bird watch. Since approximately 1977, during the horrible windstorm that struck Bakersfield and Kern County, there has been a population of Rose-ringed Parakeets who first settled in Beale Park, and later also settled in Beach Park and Hart Park. The two original breeding pairs escaped when the roof was torn off of the Happy Bird Aviary during the storm. Since that time, through natural breeding and other unintentional releases of additional parakeets, Beale Park has become the primary home to a large naturalized population during the daytime hours. The birds roost at night in the tall palm trees along Union Avenue and California Avenue. The Rose-ringed Parakeets’ population in greater Bakersfield is the largest naturalization of this species in the world! When at Beale Park, just look up into the trees, these birds are bright green with a very loud call (sounding like “kee ep”). They have a natural lifespan of approximately 20 years, so we are sure to be able to enjoy their company for a long time.

Come and visit Beale Park, located on Oleander Avenue between Dracena and Palm, and enjoy the legacy left to the citizens of the City of Bakersfield by Truxtun Beale.

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