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Beach Park

Beach ParkOne of the most visible parks in the City of Bakersfield is Beach Park. Located at the corner of Oak Street and 24th Street, this park has it all!

There is a picnic area in Beach Park which can be reserved for family, friends, or company gathering. This area offers wonderful shade during the heat of summer.

In addition to the lighted softball diamond, which can be reserved for your family, team or league’s use, there are lighted rugby, soccer and volleyball courts. Horseshoe pits are available for enthusiasts of that sport, along with a skate park to have a place for skateboarders to safely hone their skills.

In the North-East corner of the park is a monument dedicated to those who have survived cancer. This monument depicts a man, woman and child, entering and going through their cancer treatment, emerging whole and well again on the other side. This is a truly inspirational piece of art, and we are grateful to be able to display it at Beach Park.

The Kern River Bikepath winds its way through the North-West corner of Beach Park, allowing the riders, or walkers, to take a break from their exercise and relax in the wonderful shade canopy offered by the mature trees found throughout the park.

Many enjoy the same shade during their lunch hour. We have many individual picnic areas for people to enjoy their lunch in this quiet location, and re-energize for their afternoon at work. Come and join them, you will find this park will quickly make its way onto your favorite place to visit list!


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