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Our Mission Statement:
The Bakersfield Police Department is committed to achieving excellence in public safety by conducting ourselves with honor, providing selfless service, exhibiting physical and moral courage, and vigilantly safeguarding our community.

The “Choices” PSA, a Bakersfield Safe Streets Partnership project

Partnership Project

This Spring, the Bakersfield Safe Streets Partnership, DPU, the Bakersfield Police Department Explorer Post and Eye Street Productions (KGET)  worked together on three Public Service Announcements targeted at teens considering the gang lifestyle. The PSAs focus on both boys and girls and how their choices impact their lives. The Police Explorers played a big part in both the creation of the story line and the actual production of the videos. The main roles were played by Patty Scoggan and Gilbert Graim; supporting roles were played by Manuel Torrez, Neal Carr, Janeece Irving, Maleni Perez, Angelica Victoria, Javier Barrientos, Martin Flores and Jorge Gonzalez.

The Explorers involved had a blast and participated in practical role playing involving DPU Officers Nicole Shihrer, Louis Wood, Isaac Aleman, Matt Tramel, Officer Charles Wright, and Detective Brent Stratton, all of whom gave the kids a realistic view of what can happen when they make bad choices and the police show up. Community Service Technician Stephanie Teague provided a stunning performance as the grieving/elated mother of our male lead. The PSAs are airing currently on KGET

Take A look by watching the videos below.