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Our Mission Statement:
The Bakersfield Police Department is committed to achieving excellence in public safety by conducting ourselves with honor, providing selfless service, exhibiting physical and moral courage, and vigilantly safeguarding our community.


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Are burglaries and auto thefts up in your neighborhood?  Has a family member, friend or neighbor shared with you that they recently became a victim of crime?  Did you know that many of the crimes occurring in our community are “Preventable Crimes”?

Police agencies cannot, by themselves, effectively reduce crimes, such as burglaries, theft and vandalism.  As you know, it is impractical to place a police officer into each neighborhood; however it is very practical to utilize those citizens who live there.

The Bakersfield Police Department’s Community Relations Unit would like to encourage people to assume an active role in making their community safe by educating themselves. Learn more about the programs from the quick links menu above.

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Program Videos:

Cyber Bullying Progam

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