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City of Bakersfield Battles Graffiti with New Smart Phone Technology!

Thanks to the wonders of mobile technology, smart phones can help residents fall asleep, hang pictures straight and even learn how to play a guitar.  Now, your smart phone can help you report graffiti.

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In Bakersfield citizens can now report graffiti directly to the city with their smart phones.  After downloading the “Bakersfield Graffiti” into your smart Android or iPhone, the FREE software commonly referred to as “applications” or “Apps” allows a citizen to take pictures of the graffiti and with a click of a button send it directly to the City of Bakersfield Anti-Graffiti Program’s office with the exact coordinates of where the graffiti is located.  Staff can then create a work order and within 24 to 48 hours respond to remove the graffiti.

This contrasts with the more traditional way of reporting graffiti issues, via the cities website or by calling the 32-ERASE (323-7273) service line, which are still available to residents. 

Bakersfield residents who have already downloaded the FREE “App” are giving it the thumbs up.  They are finding the new “Bakersfield Graffiti  App” less cumbersome and quicker in reporting graffiti.  Graffiti staff also find this method of reporting more efficient and less time consuming in downloading the information.

So, if you’re tired of seeing that graffiti in your neighborhood, business or your children’s school?  Share this information with your neighbors and friends via word of mouth, e-mail or your Facebook page.