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Our Mission Statement:
The Bakersfield Police Department is committed to professional service which improves community safety and the quality of life by developing partnerships that promote efficient and innovative crime prevention, intervention and law enforcement service.

K-9 Partners

Senior Officer Chris Dalton & Bronx

Chris Dalton & Bronx
Senior Officer Dalton and Bronx became partners in January 2010. Bronx was born and trained in France and most of his commands are in French.  Bronx is cross trained to find illegal narcotics as well as apprehend “bad guys.”  Bronx is one of the smallest K-9’s in the department (60lbs).  His speed and agility make up for his smaller size.  He can easily squeeze into tight quarters.  While off duty he enjoys barking at birds and chewing on any toy he can get his paws on!

Date of Birth:  January 4, 2009
Breed of Dog:  Belgian Malinois
Country of Origin:  France

Senior Officer Chad Haskins & Rex

Chad Haskins & Rex

Senior Officer Haskins and Rex became partners in July 2009.  Rex loves to go to work and protect the citizens of Bakersfield from “Bad Guys.”  Rex was born in Czechoslovakia and his commands are spoken in Czech.  Rex lives with Officer Haskins and his family.  On his days off Rex loves swimming, playing fetch and waiting for food to fall of the Bar-b-que.  Rex’s favorite toy is a tennis ball, which he will chase for hours.

Date of Birth:  February 4, 2009
Breed of Dog:  Belgian Malinois
Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia.

Senior Officer Jeffrey Martin & Titan
Jeffrey Martin & Titan

Senior Officer Martin and Titan became partners in March of 2011.  Titan is cross trained in narcotics detection and criminal apprehension.  Titan was born in the Czech Republic and his commands are spoken in Dutch.  When Titan is off he spends most of his time playing catch and running in the back yard.

Date of Birth:  February 2, 2010
Breed of Dog: Belgian Malinois

Officer Tommy Hernandez & Kane
Tommy Hernandez & Kane

Officer Hernandez and Kane became partners in June 2011.  Kane is cross trained in criminal apprehension and narcotics detection.  Kane’s commands are spoken in German.  Kane spends his time off sleeping, playing tug-o-war and fetch with any toy he can hold in his mouth.
Date of Birth:  January 1, 2009
Breed of Dog:  Belgian Malinois
Country of Origin:  Netherlands

Officer Jared Ashby & Jax
Jared Ashby & Jax

Officer Ashby and Jax became partners in May 2013.  Jax is from Slovakia.  His commands are spoken in both Czech and German.   Jax is trained to locate and apprehend criminals, and is one of two dogs within the Bakersfield Police Department trained in explosive detection.  When off duty Jax loves playing in the water and sleeping on the couch.  Jax’s favorite toy is a tug toy.

Date of Birth:  February 5, 2012
Breed of Dog:  German Shepherd
Country of Origin:  Slovakia

Officer Travis McNinch & Phoenix
Travis McNinch & Phoenix

Officer McNinch and Phoenix became partners in May 2013.  Phoenix is cross trained in the apprehension of criminals as well as explosive detection.  Phoenix is one of two explosive detection dogs within the Bakersfield Police Department, and is the K-9 unit’s only female patrol dog.  When Phoenix is not at work she likes to roll in the grass with her family at home and play catch with her chew toy. 

Date of Birth:  July 1, 2012
Breed of Dog:  Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd
Country of Origin:  Slovakia

K-9 Kasey

Kasey is a new member of the Bakersfield Police Department K9 Unit, starting her career in March 2015. She has been trained to detect illegal narcotics, and enjoys working with the Major Narcotics Unit. Kasey is a Llewellin Setter, a breed that originated in England in the late 1800’s, and known for their endurance and athleticism. Kasey has lots of energy and loves interacting with other dogs and people. When she’s not putting her nose to work, Kasey enjoys playing fetch and spending time with her family.

Officer Marc Lugo & Kyro
Marc Lugo & Kyro

Officer Lugo and Kyro became partners in July 2014.  Kyro was born in Holland.  His commands are in Dutch.  Kyro is cross trained in criminal apprehension and narcotics detection.  When Kyro is at work he is full of energy and enjoys being a police canine.   While off duty, he turns into a normal lazy dog sleeping all day in his bed at home.

Date of Birth:  August 23, 2012
Breed of Dog:  Belgian Malinois
Country of Origin:  Holland

Officer John Otterness & Rico
John Otterness & Rico

Officer Otterness and Rico became partners in September 2014.  Rico is cross trained in criminal apprehension and narcotics detection.  His commands are in Czech, Dutch, German and English.  When Rico is not working he enjoys playing fetch with anything you throw or chewing on tennis balls.

Date of Birth: September 9, 2009
Breed of Dog: German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois

Senior Officer Lynn Martinez & Harley

Senior Officer Martinez and Harley have been partners since December 2010. Harley is trained in narcotic detection and works for the reward of playing fetch with a tennis ball. Harley will play fetch for hours if you let him. When Harley is not working, he enjoys hanging out in the back yard, swimming and playing tug-of-war with other dogs.  

Date of Birth: September 2009
Breed of Dog:  Labrador Retriever

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