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Our Mission Statement:
The Bakersfield Police Department is committed to achieving excellence in public safety by conducting ourselves with honor, providing selfless service, exhibiting physical and moral courage, and vigilantly safeguarding our community.




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Chaplain Program

The police department has partnered with several local ministers who have faithfully committed to serve our community by being members of the Chaplain Program. Chaplains are available to individuals or families in our community as well as members of our department. The Chaplain’s primary functions consist of encouragement, counseling, spiritual support, and assistance in notifications of traumatic incidents. Chaplains are community volunteers who typically devote eight to ten hours each month in a variety of law enforcement activities. They participate in ride-alongs, briefings, promotional ceremonies, the annual Police Memorial Ceremony and other various departmental events.

In addition to the above activities a chaplain is available on a 24 hour basis to assist officers with traumatic incidents including homicides, suicides, major traffic accidents, accidental deaths and officer involved shootings. The department also has access to one pastor for situations involving parties who speak Spanish only and one rabbi for members of the Jewish faith.

Shirts distinctly marked with “Bakersfield Police Department Chaplain” are provided to each of the Chaplains and are worn when they are in their volunteer capacity.

We deeply appreciate these volunteers and their commitment to our community.
Program Coordinator:
Lieutenant Randy Robison email:

Chaplain's e-mails

Mike Braun
Ken Cross
Dave Champness
Angelo Frazier
Dave Froese
Craig Harrison
Charles Lack
Sylvia Lack
Brian Murphy
Billy Rash
John Sherley
Rabbi Schmuel Schlanger
David Stepp

Clyde Wasdin