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Our Mission Statement:
The Bakersfield Police Department is committed to achieving excellence in public safety by conducting ourselves with honor, providing selfless service, exhibiting physical and moral courage, and vigilantly safeguarding our community.




Investigations>Robbery/Homicide Detail

The Bakersfield Police Department Crimes Against Persons Detail, more commonly referred to the Robbery/Homicide Detail, is responsible for the investigation of murders, robberies, felony/misdemeanor assaults, and abductions.

Domestic Violence is now being investigated by CASA on this page Abuse_Sexual_Assault_Detail/index.html

The Child Abuse/Sexual Assault (CASA) details primary responsibilities is to investigate reports of domestic violence, child abuse, runaway and missing children cases, and the sexual assault of both adults and juveniles.

To assist in theses types of investigations, detectives utilize the BPD Crime Laboratory, the Kern County District Attorney Regional Criminalistics Laboratory, and also the State and Federal Department of Justice laboratories, if necessary.

The most important element to helping solve these types of crimes is the citizens who witness crimes or suspicious activity and bring it to our attention.  The information provided by citizens is most crucial to the successful conclusion of many types of investigations.

Is there additional information that police officers can provide the victims of violent crimes that would aid the victim?
Yes.  Police offices are mandated to provide specific information to victims of violent crimes, domestic violence and sexual assault.  The Bakersfield Police Department has a “Victim of Violent Crime” information sheet that the officers provide to the victim.  The information sheet provides information on seeking criminal complaints, various types of arrests, information on temporary restraining orders, and civil suits.  Also provided is information concerning agencies that can assist victims.

Is there a specific time period that a person must wait before reporting a missing person?
The Bakersfield Police Department will accept without unnecessary delay any report, including telephone reports, of missing persons or runaway juveniles.  This is true even if the missing person resides outside the jurisdiction of the Bakersfield Police Department.  In such a case, the report will be taken and forwarded to the agency having jurisdiction of the residence where the missing person resides, or the location where the individual was last seen.

Can a police officer make an arrest for a misdemeanor not committed in his/her presence while at the scene of a domestic violence incident?
In a domestic violence situation in which a spouse is battered by another spouse that does not amount to a felony, a police officer can make a warrant-less arrest based on probable cause if enough information is developed that the suspect spouse is responsible for the battery.  In regard to domestic violence protective orders, if an officer develops probable cause that a person whom an order was placed against violated such order, the police officer may make a warrant-less arrest under the appropriate penal code section.