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Our Mission Statement:
The Bakersfield Police Department is committed to achieving excellence in public safety by conducting ourselves with honor, providing selfless service, exhibiting physical and moral courage, and vigilantly safeguarding our community.

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Bakersfield False Alarm Reduction Program Guidelines to Appeal Process:

The Bakersfield Municipal Code defines a false alarm as: “an alarm system that emits light or sound or transmits a signal or message resulting in a response by the police department when the situation does not require such response.” BMC 5.08.010(m)

First, contact the Bakersfield False Alarm Recovery Program at 877-665-2984 and explain your situation to them. If you are not satisfied you can ask to be transferred to the BPD alarm coordinator. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of these attempts to resolve the issue(s). Your final appeal is before the City Manager and that process is described below:

  1. Within 15 days of the receipt of a notice of denial, revocation or suspension of an alarm permit or the assessment of a fee, an alarm business or alarm user may appeal the action to the City Manager by setting forth in writing the reasons for the appeal.
  2. There is a $100 appeal fee for each invoice appealed which must be paid to the City Clerk at the time the appeal is filed. The City Clerk will notify the Chief of Police of the appeal; however this will not stay the action of Chief of Police prior to the City Managers complete review.
  3. The Chief of Police shall, within thirty (30) days, make a written report to the City Clerk setting forth the basis of his action.  The City Clerk shall forward the written report to the City Manager or his designee. 
  4. The City Manager or his designee shall set the appeal for hearing, which shall be held not less than five working days nor more than fifteen working days thereafter and a decision will be rendered in writing.

For a detailed explanation of the appeals process refer to section 5.08.160 of the Bakersfield Municipal Code.

Your appeal must be in writing and should contain and explain specific reasons to void the action taken. Possible defenses to a false alarm fee assessment or action taken against your permit based on the number of false alarm activations may include evidence that a false alarm was caused by an act of nature, an action of the telephone company, a power outage lasting longer than the life of a fully charged battery, or other extraordinary circumstances not reasonably subject to control by the alarm business or alarm user.

If you suspect the false alarm was due to faulty equipment or improper installation contact your alarm company.  In such cases, the system should be inspected and repaired where necessary.