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Community Relations Monthly E-Tip: Elder Abuse

June E-Tip

You witness an elderly person being punched. You hear of a senior citizen’s life savings being swindled away by family members. You know of an elder who is not getting medical or mental health treatment he or she needs. These are just a few examples of elder abuse. June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month and it is important that our community understands what elder abuse is and what steps to take to help. Elders can be susceptible to abuse and neglect, and there are several different warning signs to watch for including:

  • Physical injuries
  • Poor hygiene/unkempt appearance
  • Untreated medical condition(s)
  • Weight loss
  • Depression
  • Withdrawn
  • Secretiveness

Elder abuse is largely under reported for various reasons including fear of retaliation or fear of getting their loved ones in trouble. However, reporting abuse is the first step toward ending it.  If you know of someone who you suspect is being victimized please report it by calling our non-emergency line at 661-327-7111, and 911 if a life is in immediate danger. You can also call adult protective services at 661-868-1006 or visit their website here.