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Community Relations Monthly e-Tip - Make a Resolution to Prevent Crime

January e-Tip

As each new year rolls around, many of us make a “New Year’s Resolution”. Resolutions normally consist of weight loss goals, self-improvement, or quitting bad habits. While these resolutions are certainly important, why not make another resolution, one that not only impacts you, but your family, work place and community? This year, do something different. Make a resolution not only with yourself, but with others to practice crime prevention and personal safety in your community.

Making a safety resolution is not only a great way to get yourself in the habit of practicing crime prevention, but also a way to make others aware of it as well. Whether you decide to practice safety at home, while using technology, or in your community, incorporating safety tips into your everyday routines will help to make crime prevention a regular part of your daily life.

So how will you decide to stick to your new year’s safety resolution? Here are a few ideas to get your started:

Neighborhood Safety

• Start or join a neighborhood watch group in your area. You can also get connected to your neighbors on social media, with Nextdoor.

• Get to know your neighbors. You are the eyes and ears of your neighborhood, so work together to keep your neighborhood safe.

• Organize neighborhood clean-up days to pick up litter.

• Report all graffiti to the 32-ERASE (323-7273) Hotline. You can also report graffiti to the “Bakersfield Mobile App”. This application is free for download. Search the App Store or the Google Play Store for the "Bakersfield Mobile App".

• Volunteer to mow the lawn, sweep the driveway, or do other kind gestures for a home on your block that is unoccupied, or for an immobile neighbor. If a residence appears like it is unlived in, then it will likely become a target for criminals.

• Always ensure walkway and streets are well-lit by reporting burned out street lights. This can also be done on the Bakersfield Mobile App.

Home and Personal Safety

• Always be aware of your surroundings.

• Always make sure all doors and windows are locked in your house and your vehicle.

• Try to park in well-lighted areas with good visibility close to walkways, stores, and people.

• Consider an alarm system, video surveillance, adding a security door, or even changing landscaping around your home. Rose bushes, or other prickly plants, are great ways to deter criminals from hiding or lurking near windows.

Cyber Safety

• Always keep your passwords private.

• Avoid giving out your personal information. Set your social media sites to private, and review your privacy settings on  a regular basis. Some social media sites update frequently, so it is important to make sure your information is kept private.

• Only order things online from websites you know and trust.

• Avoid opening e-mails or visiting websites that don’t seem trustworthy, they could contain a virus that may harm your device.

For more ideas on how to kick-off your safety resolutions for 2017, call the BPD Community Relations Unit at (661) 326-3053, or schedule one of our FREE safety programs for your neighborhood, community group, or school. A list of safety programs can be found here.