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Project Description

General plans need to be updated periodically to reflect current community values, as well as to include new technical information and address locally relevant issues. This update provides an opportunity for residents to develop a strategic community vision for the City's neighborhoods, retail and employment centers, and open space areas, and to identify ways to implement that vision.

Public Outreach
The Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan Update process began in May 2007 with a series of town hall meetings and surveys to involve members of the community who live, work, and play in the Metropolitan Bakersfield area. Their input was important to help identify issues that need to be considered in the General Plan Update, and to identify potential solutions to issues facing the area. The results of surveys conducted by Bakersfield Vision and Kern COG, the town hall meetings held in May 2007 and additional workshops conducted by Kern COG can be found in the Public Outreach Issues Report. The report includes all of the issues and community concerns brought up at the townhall meetings, workshops and surveys. A copy of the report can be found in the Library.

Existing Conditions, Constraints and Opportunities Report
It is the intent of this Existing Conditions, Constraints and Opportunities Report for the Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan Update to highlight issues, challenges, and recommended changes to the existing General Plan that will be considered during the update. Some of these issues pose challenges that may limit options for the accommodation of future growth and development in Metropolitan Bakersfield. However, in some cases, these challenges represent an opportunity to capitalize on existing or future conditions or trends. The recommended changes contained in this Report will be used to guide the creation of new or updated goals, policies, and implementing actions in the Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan Update. A copy of this report can be found in the Library.



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