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24th Street Improvements

Project Description
The proposed project in general would widen, realign and re-stripe 24th Street from west of State Route 99 to east of M Street, as well as realign and re-stripe 23rd Street from west of C Street to east of M Street, in order to add two travel lanes (one in each direction) to the roadway. The project would also encompass improvements to the 24th Street/State Route 99 Interchange as well as the widening of the Oak Street/24th Street intersection.

Project Status
The City is moving forward with all work required for the 24th Street Improvement Project. Design, acquisition and demolition activities are underway.

Houses Available for Relocation
In consultation with Caltrans and the State Historic Preservation Office, five houses have been identified on the south side of 24th Street for potential relocation. These houses are located at 2330 Elm Street, 2331 Beech Street, 2330 B Street, 2318 B Street and 2315 C Street.

If you are interested in bidding on and relocating any of these properties, please review the documents listed below and follow the instructions found there-in. If you have questions, please email Janet Wheeler ( by noon on March 22, 2017. Responses will be posted to this website by 5 p.m. on March 28, 2017.

Notice of Properties Available for Auction and Relocation
24th Street Home Auction Relocation Guidelines
-includes auction information, schedule, terms and procedures
Responses to Questions
Asbestos & Lead Survey - including 2330 B Street
Asbestos & Lead Survey - including 2318 B Street
Asbestos & Lead Survey - including 2331 Beech Street and 2315 C Street
Asbestos & Lead Survey for 2330 Elm Street

24th Street Improvement Project Sound Wall Alternatives
Following public input, the Bakersfield City Council selected Alternative 4 as the sound wall design for the 24th Street Improvement Project. |

   24th Street Sound Wall - Alternative 4 
   24th Street Sound Wall Location Map

24th Street Environmental Documents
Final Environmental Impact Report Volume 1 - Original Volume 1 of the Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment, December 2013

Final Environmental Impact Report Volume 2 Comments and Responses on Draft Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Assessment, May 2012

Final Environmental Impact Report Volume 3 - Recirculated Final Environmental Impact Report and Responses to Comments

Attachment No. 1 to 24th Street Improvement Project Final Environmental Impact Report Volume 3, May 2016

Location Map
24th Street Notice of Availability and Notice of Public Hearing - English 
24th Street Notice of Availability and Notice of Public Hearing - Spanish

Recirculated Draft Environmental Impact Report
24th Street Widening Final Project Report
24th Street and Oak Street Final Project Report
Draft Environmental Impact Report

Draft Maps
State Route 99 Interchange
State Route 99 to E Street
E Street to M Street

Technical Documents
Air Quality Report
Biological Assessment
Community Impact Assessment
Final Relocation Impact Statement
Historic Property Survey Report
Hydrology, Water Quality and Stormwater Runoff Report
Initial Site Assessment
Location Hydraulic Study
Natural Environment Study
Noise Abatement Decision Report
Noise Study Report
Paleontological Resources Report
Roadway Foundation Report
Traffic Analysis
Visual Impact Analysis
Water Quality Report

Kern County Regional Transportation Plans and EIRs, 1998 and 2011