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Project Overview

The City of Bakersfield (City), in partnership with and funding from the California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority), is developing a High-Speed Rail Station Area Plan (Plan) for Downtown Bakersfield (Downtown). The study area includes the approximate boundaries of the Kern River and 38th Street to the North, California Avenue to the South, Union Avenue to the East, and F Street to the West (See Study Area Map). 

During the Station Area planning process, the City will identify and analyze opportunities and challenges in order to develop an urban design, multi-modal (pedestrian, bicycle, automobile, transit) transportation, and economic development strategy that optimizes future growth in Downtown. It will also address jobs, housing, retail, entertainment, art, cultural amenities, pedestrian and bicycle access, parking, streetscape improvements, lighting, wayfinding, open space and recreation, and sustainability.

When complete, the Plan will serve as a vision document that will guide the future development of the HSR station area and greater Downtown Bakersfield. The vision plan will be used to pursue and leverage public and private sector funding for implementation actions, as well as create a baseline document for future planning efforts.

Please explore this website and all its links and features for additional information. If you have any questions, please contact the City at or (661) 326-3733.

City of Bakersfield
Cecelia Griego,
Project Manager
1715 Chester Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93301

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