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Operations Division - BFD Type III "Light" Engine

Type 3 EngineThe Type III Engines were designed to replace existing brush patrols. Type III Engines will be used to fight wildland fires, provide additional manpower on structure fires, and carry a second rescue tool. The department needed an apparatus to carry more equipment and water while still being able to go off-road for wildland-urban interface use.  Our reasoning and decision making process is outlined below.

Cab & Chassis: Freightliner FL70 without a crew cab
This model includes a short wheelbase for maneuverability and accommodates a crew of three Strike Teams. This apparatus is staffed by one person the majority of the time. The Freightliner FL 70 has the best interior space when three firefighters are needed to staff the unit and a crew cab is not used. A factory bumper extension was ordered to allow for a front hose tray and discharge.

Fire Pump: Waterous 500 GPM Two Stage Pump
There were many different options for powering the fire pump including PTO and hydro-static drive. The separate pump and motor option was chosen for pump-and-roll capability and for safety. The unit provides power to a protection line if the truck's engine fails and retreats to a safe position if the pump engine fails. These features allow a wide range of available flows and pressures and standardization of brands.

Body Design: Behind-the-Pump Module

The behind-the-pump module body resembles a small rescue engine. Features include high side compartments on the left side and a rescue compartment on the right. A through-the-tank compartment with a rear door allows for ladder, pike pole, and hard suction storage. This design enables the unit to carry 500 gallons of water without raising the center of gravity too much.

Drive Train : Cummins 300hp diesel, coupled to an Allison World transmissions
Type III Engines needed sufficient power to respond with our Type I Engines, as well as the ability the climb the foothills surrounding our city. The Cummins 300 horsepower 15c, coupled with an Allison World transmission, met these requirements.  An air-locked differential assists with traction off road and a transmission output retarder supplements braking needs.  An all-wheel drive system was investigated; however, it was rejected due to the added overall height (12 to 18 inches,) the reduced cramp angle, and the increased maintenance.


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