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Operations Division - BFD Light & Air Unit

Fire TruckLight/Air Unit specifications presented a challenge for the Department. Research time lasted close to four years and involved looking at every similar unit in service within driving distance, speaking at length to departments familiar with light/air units, visiting dealers, attending shows, and speaking to many manufacturers' representatives. One of the primary specification goals was to design an apparatus that would perform all of the primary functions yet be flexible enough to evolve with changes. Listed below are some of the factors influencing our specifications.

Air Compressor

The air compressor needs to meet both current and future needs. The City of Bakersfield's population and industries are growing at a rapid pace along with the chances of a prolonged emergency. This unit should be sufficient to handle the increase in growth, but not too bulky to transport.

Cab and Chassis: Freightliner FL 80

The Freightliner FL 80 was selected predominantly for standardization. Our Type III engines were ordered as FL 70 units. The FL 80 has an identical power train with a longer wheel base and slightly heavier front axle. No extended front bumper or differential locker was needed.

Generator: 40kw Unit

The 40 kw generator will handle all apparatus needs and still have reserve power. This reserve power will assure the unit is not running at maximum capacity at all times. The 40kw unit can be driven from the transmission's PTO and start the compressor with all other circuits at full capacity.

Lighting: Two 9,000 Watt Towers

Lighting requirements must meet current and future needs. The two 9,000 watt light towers should be capable of turning almost any emergency scene into a well-lit working area. The towers should raise almost 14 feet over the roof of the unit, adjust 360 degrees, and function independently of one another.


All space not occupied with air and light functions are designed to adapt and handle unknown situations. Transverse compartments were supplied with roll-out trays and pull-out-tip-down trays are located in all upper areas. Lower compartments have slide-out trays on each side.

Complete Light/Air Specifications


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