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Fire Prevention - Site Plan Reviews

Site Plan Reviews

David Weirather, Plans Examiner (661) 326-3706
Fire Plans Examiner is responsible for site plan review. Plans are checked for emergency access, fire hydrant locations, fire hydrant flows and fire lanes. Also, the physical characteristics of the streets are examined such as width, length and grade. Fire plans examiner works closely with Special Services to coordinate existing conditions to new developments.

Planning Technicians

The duties of the planning technicians are to keep track of new streets and building construction, for the purpose of developing and modifying response maps which are used by fire station crews when responding to emergencies in our community. These maps not only show street locations but, also include fire hydrants and significant complexes such as schools, fire stations, large shopping centers and industrial sites. The fire hydrant information is also available to the public for determining fire flow needs and installation of fire sprinkler systems where required. Special Services also develops maps relating to data compiled on fire incidents, false alarms and major fire events. This information is used as a planning tool by staff for the future growth of the Fire Service.

Plans & Automatic Sprinkler & Fire Extinguishing Systems Plan

A minimum of three complete sets of plans and specifications for fire alarm systems; fire-extinguishing systems, including automatic sprinklers, wet and dry standpipes, and other special types of automatic fire-extinguishing systems; shall be submitted to the fire department for review and approval prior to system installation.

Plans are submitted to our office at:
Fire Department Administration Office
Fire Prevention
2101 H Street
Bakersfield, CA. 93301

Automatic sprinkler system are required throughout all new buildings where the area exceeds (10,000) square feet, area separation walls not withstanding. To be classed as a separate building, for the purpose of this subsection, the exterior wall must be separated by twenty (20) feet from the exterior wall of another building. Unenclosed overhangs, balconies, arcades and the like may encroach a maximum of three (3) feet from each exterior wall, or assumed exterior wall line.

Automatic Sprinkler Systems are required for assembly type occupancies, where assembly rooms contain a legitimate stage in any portion of the building, or where the assembly occupant load in any room exceeds three hundred people.

In buildings where a fully automatic sprinkler protection system exists, and where said buildings undergo remodeling and/or alterations or additions, the automatic sprinkler system shall be kept in good operable condition and be extended to include additions, area separation walls not withstanding.

In buildings where an automatic sprinkler system does not exist, and the floor area is increased twenty-five percent (25%) or more, throughout the life of the building, and the area exceeds ten thousand (10,000) square feet before or after the addition, an automatic sprinkler system shall be installed throughout the total building.

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