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BFD - Environmental Services

Our Mission is to implement the Unified Program for Environmental Regulations with in the City of Bakersfield, consistent with State and Local regulations in a manner that will assist the businesses in Bakersfield in meeting these Environmental regulations.

The Office of  Environmental Services administers the State and Federal Underground Storage Tank Regulations and the sections of the California Fire Code regarding Underground Storage Tanks.

Above Ground Tank Storage

Above ground storage tanks used for the storage of hazardous materials (liquids or gases) are regulated by the California Fire Code. The requirements apply to storage tanks as well as fuel dispensing tanks. Spill Prevention Control and Counter measure plan (SPCC) may be required to be developed and implemented by an above ground petroleum storage tank facility owner or operator.. A permit is required by the Fire Prevention Service Department.

Hazardous Waste

A hazardous waste generator is a "person" whose actions produce a waste that is considered hazardous under the law.

Generators of hazardous waste are subject to specific regulatory requirements. The most important responsibility, however, is to prevent pollution from being generated in the first place. Eliminating these sources of hazardous wastes by substituting non-hazardous chemicals and processes can eventually help reduce the possibility of hazardous waste clean-ups.

Hazardous wastes have been known to cause or significantly contribute to increases in mortality, irreversible and incapacitating illness or pose a risk to human health or the environment when treated, stored, transported, or disposed of improperly.

Information regarding materials may be obtained in person at Hazardous Materials within the City of Bakersfield Office of Environmental Services. Our office is located at Fire Station #1, 2101 H Street.

The requester is required to fill out a information request form, along with the required signature at the bottom of the form. If the information request form is faxed to this office for a reply, the policy in the Office of Environmental Services is to not give any information regarding files over the phone to ensure that information in the files is not misinterpreted.

If you are unable to come in and review the files, the entire file can be copied for a nominal copying fee. Please call (661) 326-3979 for more information.

Underground Storage Tanks

The Office of  Environmental Services administers the State and Federal Underground Storage Tank Regulations and the sections of the Uniform Fire Code regarding Underground Storage Tanks. Please call (661) 326-3979 for more information.

Oil Wells Safety

A safety inspection is completed on all oil wells within the City of Bakersfield on an annual basis.  Theses inspections address fire and life safety issues as well as environmental and noise related issues. Permits are also required for the drilling of any new wells to assure code compliance and safety at the well site.

Permit Consolidation Zone

For new businesses or businesses undergoing expansion or modification within the City of Bakersfield. All environmental permits; State, County or City can be obtained through the city's permit consolidation zone. Contact the office of Environmental Services.


The California Accidental Release Program (CalARP) statutorily conforms the previous California Risk Management and Prevention Plan (RMPP) program with the new Federal Accidental Release Prevention Requirements under the Clean Air Act Section 112 (r)(7).

Prior to June 21, 1999, businesses that handle threshold quantities of regulated substances are required to develop and implement an appropriate risk management program, depending on the type of  business, the type and quantity of regulated substance, and accident history. A summary of the facility's Risk Management Program will become a public document known as the Risk Management Plan or RMP. Businesses may electronically submit a RMP.

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