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BFD - Emergency Communications Center (ECC)

The Emergency Communications Center (ECC) was established as a joint dispatch center for the Bakersfield Fire Department and the County Fire Department in 1988. The center’s dispatch responsibilities cover more then 8,000 square miles, and includes more then 65 fire stations, and receives calls from nine separate public safety agencies.

Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD)
A PSW 3 Computer Aided Dispatch system operating on an IBM mainframe computer was state-of-the-art in 1988 which included four dispatch consoles. The center became an Emergency Medical Dispatch provider in 1990 utilizing the Medical Priorities protocols which allow for prioritizing the level of medical response. In 2004 the center became an Accredited Center of Excellence through the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch. ECC was the 10th center in the State of California and the 77th in the Nation to receive this honor. Call volume is approximately 80,000 calls a year with 60% being Emergency Medical Service related.

Plantronic VESTA Intelligent Work Stations and the Watson Company ergonomically adjustable work stations were added in August 1998 thus increasing its dispatch consoles to six, a supervisory console and a fully operable station in the ECC Manager’s office, these stations were recently upgraded to be completely ergonomic.

Along with the Kern County Sheriffs Department, the center upgraded its Intergraph Public Safety’s I/CAD GIS-based computer aided dispatch system which was originally put into use December 7, 1998.

The Emergency Communications Center is located in the Whiting Communications Complex at 2601 Panorama Drive, Bakersfield, California. Phone: (661) 861-2521

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