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Bakersfield Fire Department - FROG


The Frog Fire TruckBakersfield FIRE Department's 1927 American LaFrance Fire Engine was delivered to the City of Bakersfield on December 10, 1927 at a cost of $6,000.

It is powered by a six-cylinder American LaFrance gasoline engine rated at 130 horsepower, is chain driven, is capable of reaching speed of up to 55-60 miles per hours, weights six tons, and is capable of pumping 750 gallons of water per minute.

When purchased the engine was equipped with mechanical brakes on the rear wheels which required all of the engineer's strength to push the brake pedal down to stop it. When this occurred the engine would hop all over the roadway like a frog thus giving the 1927 American LaFrance the nickname "The Frog." Today "The Frog" is equipped with air brakes making braking an easier task.


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