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Water Resources Department


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Water Restrictions Map

As of April 23, 2015, all water users within City limits are required to restrict daily outdoor watering based on the address of the property being irrigated.  This includes all water user categories: residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional water users.

  • If the property address is an even number, outdoor irrigation is allowed on Sunday, Wednesday and Friday only.
  • If the property address is an odd number, outdoor irrigation is allowed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday only.
  • All outside irrigation is prohibited on Mondays
  • For additional information contact the water purveyor listed on your monthly water bill

Watering is advised to take place prior to 9 a.m. and after 6 p.m. to reduce evaporation.

In light of current drought conditions, the City asks water customers to reduce their water use by 36%. 
For more information visit: State Water Resources Control Board

Water Resources Uses Door Hangers to Communicate with Residents
Informational Door Hanger
As a result of this fourth consecutive dry year and the extreme drought conditions that the state is experiencing, the state of California adopted the most current emergency water conservation regulations on May 18, 2015.

At this time, the Water Resources Department will use an informational door hanger to communicate with violators. The purpose of the door hanger is to provide a warning to the violator that explains the prohibited water use that has occurred on the property.   The door hanger contains information on the type of water waste, water conservation tips, and references useful water conservation websites.


Save Our Water

Isabella TreeAbout The Water Resources Department

The Water Resources Department oversees the divisions of Agricultural Water and Domestic Water. The Department delivers and conserves water for the benefit of all current and future citizens of Bakersfield. We provide for the regulation, distribution, water banking and record keeping operations on the Kern River. The Department is also involved with local flood control management and administers water sale contracts to agricultural districts and local water agencies. The Domestic water division oversees and administers the Ashe, Riverlakes and Fairhaven domestic water systems that provide drinking water to over 130,000 residents and local businesses in Bakersfield.

Anyone who has lived in California knows that water is a precious commodity that has been a source of rivalry between northern and southern California since the early Gold Rush days. Bakersfield is located in south-central California with a "liquid" gold mine of it's own -- called the Kern River. Dating back to the 1860's, the Kern County Land Company (and later Tenneco West, Inc.) established water rights through continuous and beneficial use of the Kern River water.

In the November 1976 general election, City residents approved water Measure "B" which authorized the purchase of over $18 million in water rights, facilities and river properties formerly held by Tenneco. Today, as an enterprise operation, the Water Resources Department of the City of Bakersfield is funded entirely through rates charged for water and services.

Bellevue-Weir AreaIsabella Reservoir on the Kern River was completed in April 1953 with a capacity of 570,000 acre-feet. A major flood control and recreational facility, it is located approximately 40 miles northeast of the City of Bakersfield and is operated by the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers.