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Pretreatment Industrial Wastewater

Industrial wastewater discharged to the City sewer system is regulated by the City Municipal Code. Industrial users who propose to discharge industrial wastewater into the sewer system must complete and submit an application with application fee for a wastewater discharge permit.

The application review usually takes 30-45 days, depending on the type of wastewater to be discharged, after receipt of the completed application. If the proposed discharge is acceptable and a permit is required, the user will be issued a permit with limits of discharge specified.

Periodically, the local limits for regulated pollutants are re-evaluated when there are changes on the treatment processes due to upgrade/expansion projects, users wastewater characteristics, or Federal, State or local regulatory requirements. The revised limits will be reviewed by the EPA and State Regional Water Resources Control Board, and adopted by the City Councils.

Additional Information

Our Pretreatment Staff monitors industries in accordance with Federal and State requirements to prevent the discharge of prohibited pollutants to the sewer system.

More specific information regarding applications, charges, and fees can be obtained by contacting the Wastewater Division at (661) 326-3249.

The following documents are for informational purposes and available for download and print.

Application for Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit

Application for Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit - Photoprocessing Services

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