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Public Works - Wastewater Division

Wastewater Division

City of Bakersfield
Wastewater Division
6901 McCutchen Road
Bakersfield CA 93313
Phone: (661) 326-3249


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Wastewater is a division of the Public Works Department and is funded by sewer service charges and connection fees. The primary goal of the division is to treat, reclaim, and utilize wastewater in accordance with federal, state and local regulatory requirements in order to protect the environment for the City of Bakersfield and surrounding community.


The division consists of five sections: Plant 2, serving the area east of Highway 99; Plant 3, serving the area west of Highway 99: Pretreatment section, monitoring and regulating industrial/commercial wastewater discharges; Revenue section, establishes/collects annual sewer fees for properties receiving City Sewer; and Wastewater Engineering, supports Plant operations, Pre-treatment, Revenue, and plan and design Wastewater CIP projects.