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Rubber Sidewalks Saves Trees

Rubber SidewalksThe City of Bakersfield, Public Works Department implemented a sidewalk repair program using Rubber Sidewalk as a measure to repair sidewalks that have been altered by tree roots.

Rubber Sidewalk eliminates the need to remove trees due to invasive root growth. Each 20 square foot installation of Rubber Sidewalks saves a tree from removal. Rubber sidewalk allows tree roots to be trimmed in a way that doesn't jeopardize health or stability of the tree. Rubber Sidewalks save the urban forest which benefits the environment, quality of life and property values.

Rubber Sidewalk is made of recycled California tires. Each panel of sidewalk equals one tire rescued from a landfill. The surface is hard enough to walk, bike, skate, or rollerblade on, but more forgiving and gentle to tree roots. Instead of breaking up, when over-ambitious tree roots grow underneath a rubber sidewalk, the panels flex. Also, unlike concrete, the panels can easily be lifted for root maintenance then put back in place. Rubber Sidewalks are available in various sizes and colors, and are reversible. Known life per face is minimum eight years. Actual life per face is not known but is expected to exceed 12 years. This product meets all requirements of sidewalk-worthiness, including stable grade, non-vibration in compliance with ADA requirements, and high coefficient of friction for non-skid both dry and wet.