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Street Division
"Our goal is to provide for safe and efficient vehicular movement on City streets and to operate and maintain sanitary sewer systems and storm drainage system.

The City's 24 hour POTHOLE HOTLINE:

Streets Division
Citizen Job Request
Citizens may request or report the repair of streets, alley potholes, hazardous sidewalk conditions, gutter drainage problems, bike paths, and catch basin stoppages by calling (661) 326-3111. 

Click here to fill out a service request online for pothole repair.

Sewer Maintenance

Sewer Maintenance handles routine cleaning of the City's main sewer line, repair of the City's main sewer line, including sewer manholes, repair and maintenance of sewer lift stations, and clearing sewer stoppages.

  • Routine cleaning of the City's main sewer line;
  • Repair of the City's main sewer line, including sewer manholes;
  • Repair and maintenance of sewer lift stations;
  • Clearing sewer stoppages - Sewer stoppages are cleared on the City's main line only. It is the responsibility of all property owners to repair any blockage of or damage to their sewer lateral, from the house/building connection to the City's main sewer line.

Crew prepares to clean a sewer line using a high pressure device that is lowered into a sewer manhole and fitted down the sewer line, back flushing the line and clearing accumulation of grease.

Routine sewer line cleaning is performed on a daily basis. The sewer crews also respond to emergency sewer stoppage complaints and odor complaints on a 24 hour basis including weekends and holidays.

Street Cleaning
Street Cleaning handles street sweeping, cleaning median islands and buffer walls, and leaf collection. Street Cleaning performs the following:

  • Street sweeping - once a month sweeping of residential streets;
  • Cleaning median islands and buffer walls - twice a year;
  • Leaf Collection - October through January (depending if it is an early fall or late fall), residents are allowed to place leaves on the street to be picked up by City crews. Leaf piles should be placed at least two (2) feet away from the gutter, so as not to block the gutter flow line.

Residents are allowed to place leaves on the street during the months of Octoberr through January, depending on the start of fall season. Leaves should be placed 2 feet away from the curb so that water does not pond in the gutter. Street crew picks up leaves using a front end loader with a claw bucket.

Leaves are placed in a modified garbage truck and hauled to the City's wood waste recycling facility. The leaf program is aimed at keeping the City's storm system in good operating condition by decreasing the amount of debris that gets into storm lines and storm pump stations.

Street Maintenance
Street Maintenance handles the patching potholes on streets and alleys, street resurfacing, repairs on curb, gutter and cross-gutters, repairs and installation of wheelchair ramps, and sidewalk repairs. Street Maintenance performs the following:

  • Patching potholes on streets and alleys
    Pothole patching is a low cost, temporary repair maintenance operation that is performed until funds are available to resurface or reconstruct the entire street.
  • Street Resurfacing
  • Repairs on curb, gutter and cross-gutters
  • Repairs and installation of wheelchair ramps
  • Sidewalk Repairs*

*Temporary repairs on sidewalks are made using an asphalt material. While permanent repairs are the responsibility of the property owner, all reported hazardous sidewalk complaints are investigated by the Street Maintenance Superintendent or Streets Supervisor.

See also Rubber Sidewalks

Storm Line Maintenance
Storm Line Maintenance handles cleaning, repairing catch basins/syphons, repair and maintenance of storm lines, and flood control

Emergency Service after normal working hours, holidays, and weekends call (661) 327-7111.