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Public Works - Solid Waste Division

"Our goal is to provide quality and cost-effective solid waste and recycling services citywide, through a balanced combination of services by contract and municipal forces."


Forms & Fees


  • Solid Waste Division (661) 326-3114 FAX (661) 852-2121
  • Keep Bakersfield Beautiful (661) 326-3539
  • Kern County Recycling Hotline (661) 862-8979
  • Kern County Waste Management (661) 862-8900 Toll Free (800) 552-KERN (option 6)
  • Mt. Vernon Recycling & Composting Facility (661) 835-8873 FAX (661) 831-1429

Services & General Information:

Automated Refuse & Recycling Containers

  • Bakersfield households are provided with three containers; one green waste cart, one tan cart and one blue recycling cart.
  • Your carts should be out by 6 a.m. on your assigned pick-up days
  • Make sure the cart is facing the street (or alley) and leave at least 4 feet of space around it. The carts are labeled with your cart serial number. This is provided to help you and us identify lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced carts.
  • Missing containers at the same address will be billed for replacement to the property owner at the current replacement cost.
  • The City or contractor will repair or replace all damaged containers at no charge, except those damaged due to negligence or abuse by the customer.

Tan Refuse
Materials Accepted: All regular household trash.

Materials Not Accepted: Large amounts of dirt, sod, concrete, rock, furniture, large appliances, and flammable/hazardous materials. The cart may not be serviced if the lid is not completely closed.

Green Waste
Materials Accepted: Yard trimmings, grass, brush, untreated construction wood, palm, leaves, sawdust, tree limbs, and sod.

Materials Not Accepted: Trash, wood treated with creosote or Arsenic (such as telephone poles or railroad ties), Formica, any material over 24 inches in diameter, dirt, tumbleweeds, hazardous materials, and excrement. The cart may not be serviced if the lid is not completely closed.

Blue Cart Recycling
Materials Accepted: cardboard, junk mail, newspaper, magazines, office paper, aluminum/steel cans, phone books, brown paper bags, #1 and #7 plastic containers, and green, brown, clear glass.

Materials Not Accepted: Garbage, oily/dirty paper, styrofoam packaging/containers, yard waste, computer parts, plastic wrap, foil drink containers (Capri Sun), plastic hangers and packaging, plastic grocery/dry cleaning bags and hazardous waste (paints, oils, solvents).  

Bulky Items
Please call 326-3114 if you would like an appointment to have large household items, such as couches, tables, refrigerators, etc., removed from your front curb. This is a FREE service to City residents (except apartments with five or more units).

Service is limited to two items per quarter per home. Residents are encouraged to contact charitable organizations for possible pickup and reuse of furniture, appliances, etc. before disposal.

The City, County, and local haulers will hold two bulky item drop-off days per year.  Call (661) 326-3114 for more information on this service.
Construction & Demolition

Construction and Demolition (C&D) material includes rock, brick, concrete, asphalt, dirt, ceramic tile, and other similar materials. You can save money by recycling your C&D by avoiding costly landfill tipping fees.  Residents can take these materials to several locations. 
Please review the [Kern County Recycling Guide] to find a facility near you.

Remember your untreated lumber can be recycled at the Mt. Vernon Recycling & Composting Facility.

Your Collection Service & Holiday Schedules
Holidays that may affect your collection services are: January 1st, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, and December 25th. All other holidays will not affect your regular trash service. [See Holiday Schedule].

If your trash service falls on or after a holiday, service will be delayed one day that week. For example, if the holiday falls on a Tuesday, Monday’s service will not be affected, but Tuesday’s service will be delayed to Wednesday, Wednesday’s service will be delayed to Thursday, and so forth.  

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