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How to Recycle Used Motor Oil

Draining the Oil

Change It

Drain motor oil into a drain pan.  Clean up spills with an absorbent material such as cat litter or saw dust.  Any absorbent material containing motor oil must be disposed of at a HHW disposal facility.  DO NOT hose down your work area

Pour it into a  Milk Jug

Contain It

Using a funnel, pour your used oil into the original container or reusable clean plastic container with a tight-fitting screw-top lid.  Do not contaminate used motor oil with other automotive fluids.  Place used oil filter in a sealed, leak-proof plastic bag.

Set it Out to be recycled

Recycle It

Take your oil for one last drive to a recycling center (call 1-800-CLEANUP to locate the nearest center), or place on the curb and call for pick-up. 
Remember to recycle your used oil filter!

What You Should Know About Used Motor Oil
Over 17% of the nation's automobile oil is changed by "do-it-yourselfers". These patrons generate at least 200 million gallons of used motor oil every year, and over 90% is improperly disposed of. Only 10% of this waste oil is properly recycled. The rest is dumped on the ground, in storm drains or is thrown in the trash.

You should know...
• It is a crime to dump used oil
• Used motor oil is insoluble and contains toxic chemicals
• Used oil kills plant and aquatic life
• One pint of used oil can create an acre-sized oil slick on surface water