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How to prepare items for drop-off recycling.


Keep dry and clean. It is okay to mix all types of paper, including junk mail, magazines, cardboard, brown paper bags, and office paper. Please keep these clean of contaminants, such as plastic containers, plastic bags, polystyrene, glass, and metal.

Break cardboard down and place inside the drop-off container. If you fail to break these down and place them inside the container, these locations become unsightly and dirty. That’s called littering, not recycling.

Aluminum Beverage Containers
Rinse containers and, if possible, flatten to reduce size.

Tin Cans and Other Aluminum Containers
Rinse containers and, if possible, flatten to reduce size.

Plastics (#1 - #7) Beverage Containers
Look at the bottom of the plastic container for the recycling code #1 through #7. Only # 1 - #7 plastic beverage containers are accepted at drop-off recycling sites. Separate lids from containers. Flatten containers as much as possible. Place clean lids and clean containers in the correct drop-off compartment. Containers which once contained motor oil are NOT acceptable. Other plastics, such as plastic bags, polystyrene, and packaging material are not acceptable. 

Rinse containers and discard lids. Separate by color when appropriate (i.e. clear, brown, and blue/green). Tinted glass should be placed in the blue/green recycling compartment.
For additional information on this topic, you may call (661) 326-3114.