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Public Works - Operations Department

Department Goal -
"Our goal is to provide excellent service to our citizens and our internal City Departments; to provide for the proper management of the various portions of the city’s infrastructure for which we are responsible; to properly maintain the City’s buildings, streets, traffic signals and street markings.

About the Operations Division
Public Works Operations is made up of five sections. See descriptions of each section below.

The Public Works Communications Division provides communications systems and support to all City Departments, including Public Safety Departments, as well as telephone and network switching support for the intra-city telephone system. In addition, the Communications Division televises all City Council and Planning Commission meetings.

Fleet Services
The Fleet Services Division is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and repair of all city fleet vehicles and equipment. Services include scheduled preventive maintenance, welding and fabrication, diagnostic and emissions testing, auto parts warehouse and inventory functions.

General Services
The General Services Division is responsible for the maintenance of City owned facilities, traffic control devices, street lights, street signs and markings, and the removal of graffiti from City owned facilities and private property.

Municipal Airport
Owned and operated by the City’s Public Works Operations Department, the Bakersfield Municipal Airport provides the Greater Bakersfield area with general aviation facilities that are safe, FAA compliant, efficient and fiscally responsible.

Street Maintenance
The Streets Division’s goal is to provide safe and efficient vehicular movement on City Streets, insure well maintained streets and alleys and properly operate and maintain the sanitary sewer and storm drain systems.