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General Services Graffiti Division

The City's Graffiti Hotline number is
32-ERASE (323-7273).

The City of Bakersfield's Anti-Graffiti Program assists the residents of Bakersfield with the eradication of graffiti. Residents, or merchants, whose property has been vandalized with graffiti receive free matching paint to enable them to remove the graffiti promptly. Graffiti vandalism should be reported immediately.

With the help of Bakersfield's Police Department GHOST Program and the City Attorney's Office, numerous individuals have been apprehended and prosecuted. Besides facing criminal prosecution, offenders also must deal with civil prosecution from the City Attorney's Office for financial damages incurred to the City.

The Anti-Graffiti Program has received tremendous support from the residents and business community. Bakersfield is a better place to live because of your cooperation!

Visit the City of Bakersfield's Graffiti Portal at to locate other Anti-Graffiti resources.

Click here to fill out a service request to report graffiti online.

Graffiti Removal Tips - DO's

  • Always have paint to match the color you are going to paint.
  • If necessary, remove graffiti daily. Keep paint on hand for quick removal. Remember, immediate removal WILL discourage the vandals.
  • Call 32-ERASE to report graffiti, order more paint or volunteer help.

Graffiti Removal Tips - DON'T's:

  • Do not spot paint. Paint from break point to break point in big squares.
  • Do not use interior paint on exterior surfaces.
  • Do not paint on traffic signal boxes, street signs, overpasses, or any property which you have not received consent to work on. Call 32-ERASE and we will take care of the problem.