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Public Works - Fleet Services Division

Division Goal -
"Providing quality, timely automotive repair and maintenance services for the City of Bakersfield."

The Fleet Services Division is responsible for the acquisition, maintenance and repair of the city fleet vehicles and equipment. Services include scheduled preventive maintenance, welding and fabrication, diagnostic and emissions testing, auto parts warehouse and inventory functions.

Fleet ServicesDuties & Responsibilities
It is Fleet Services responsibility to recommend and furnish functional, reliable and economical vehicles and equipment necessary for the conduct of City operations, write the necessary specifications for bidding purposes, assist the Purchasing Office with vehicle and equipment auctions, and to prepare and administer the annual fleet budget.

In addition Fleet Services coordinates the following external services:paint and body repair, engine and transmission repair/rebuild, heavy duty suspension service, and glass replacement.

Corporation Yard Facility
Fleet Services corporation yard facility maintains a full service operation which maintains the city fleet of General Services, Parks, Solid Waste, Streets and Water Department vehicles and miscellaneous equipment.

Downtown Fleet Facilities (Police Department)

Fleet Services downtown maintains a full service operation which maintains the city fleet of Police, City Administration, Fire Administration, Building Inspection, Code Enforcement and Telecommunication vehicles and miscellaneous equipment.

Typical repair work provided includes, electrical repairs, engine tune-up, tire replacements, brake replacements and adjustments and other general maintenance work that maybe necessary.

Fleet's Environmental Goals:

  • Exceed Clean Fuel Fleet Program mandate
  • Reduce vehicle miles traveled (VMT), fleet vehicle emissions, use of petroleum-based fuels
  • Purchase alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) and hybrids when possible
  • Purchase vehicles that are more fuel-efficient