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Public Works - Engineering Division

Division Goal -
"Our division goal is to provide development, design, and project management oversight to ensure that new City infrastructure meets engineering design standards and provides for our citizens a healthy, safe and functional public environment.

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About the The Engineering Division
The division is made up of five sections. See descriptions of each section below.

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
This Division oversees the design of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), which consists of a variety of projects to construct, maintain, repair, and rehabilitate the City's infrastructure and facilities. CIP infrastructure projects include sanitary sewers; storm drains; street curbs, gutters, sidewalks, lighting, and pavement; bike paths; traffic signals; and water wells and water distribution systems. CIP facility projects include parks, swimming pools, auditoriums, office buildings, recycling center, and waste water treatment plants.

Construction Engineering
This Division oversees the implementation of the City’s design criteria by providing surveying and inspection services on CIP projects and developer financed public improvements to ensure conformance to construction standards, plans, specifications and statutory regulations.

Freeway Engineering (TRIP)
This Division provides management and oversight for the design and construction of the various project elements of Alternate 15 of the Bakersfield Systems Study and other freeway type projects and their interchanges with the street system. It is the goal of this Division to improve mobility of residents within the metropolitan area through the completion of these transportation projects.

Subdivision Engineering
This Division ensures that proposed new developments are in compliance with generally accepted engineering standards, City ordinances and other statutory regulations. It is the goal of this Division to provide for and promote adequate, coordinated and modern development with the facilities required to serve the citizens of the City of Bakersfield and to implement the goals and policies of the Metropolitan Bakersfield General Plan.

Traffic Engineering
This Division provides information regarding the City's traffic related issues including traffic flow, signal timing, traffic studies, bicycle safety and pedestrian safety. They also provide assistance on long term planning projects in regards to traffic development. It is the goal of the Traffic Division to provide for the safe and efficient movement of people and products through traffic engineering operations, design and planning.