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Street Construction Permit vs Encroachment Permit

When do I need a Street Construction Permit and when do I need an Encroachment Permit?

If you are constructing something in the public right-of-way that is mostly above ground and is intended to be permanent, such as a fence or a building awning, then you need an Encroachment Permit These items are not allowed within the travelled way of the street.

If you are doing work that requires excavation of any kind within the street right-of-way, whether to install a driveway or to connect a building to the sewer main, then you need a Street Construction Permit.

Any work that requires patching, grinding, placing or replacing asphalt or concrete paving must be done by a contractor with the appropriate State license.

Most Street Construction Permits will require that security be posted with the City of Bakersfield.

Both types of Permits require that either the property owner (in the case of an Encroachment Permit) or the permit holder (in the case of a Street Construction Permit) post insurance with the City of Bakersfield. This insurance must be kept current throughout the life of the Permit.