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Frequently Asked Questions

What is street dedication or right-of-way and what does it mean to me?
Answer: Go to "City of Bakersfield Street Dedications and Rights-of-Way"

Where do I find application and development fees?
Answer: Go to Planning Divisions webpage.

How do I know if I my residence is in the City limits or the County?
Answer: Call 661/326-3733 with your address and City staff will look it up for you.

Where is my property line?
Answer: The distance from your property line to the curb line in front of your house varies depending on the street and your house’s location on that street. Public Works staff can provide this information to you if you will supply them with an address. This can be done in person at the Public Works counter at 1501 Truxtun Avenue, or it can be done over the phone at (661) 326-3724.

How do I get a street light installed?
Answer: Street lights within the City of Bakersfield are placed for traffic safety reasons and are spaced apart based on the standards at the time they were installed. A City resident can call the Public Works General Services Division at (661) 326-3781 if they suspect a street light is needed where there is no light. A technician will visit the street and investigate the spacing of the existing street lights, the orientation of the lights, and possibly other street light factors to determine if a street light is warranted. Street lights will not be recommended for crime prevention or security reasons.

When do I need a Street Construction Permit and when do I need an Encroachment Permit?
Answer: Go to Street Construction Permit vs Encroachment Permit.

Where can I find the Encroachment Permit application information?
Answer: Go to the Public Works Online Forms

Where can I find the Street Construction Permit application information?
Answer: Go to Street Construction Permit.

Where can I locate the Planning Department's applications?
Answer: Go to

How can I find information about Businesses in Bakersfield?
Answer: Go to Economic Development

Who do I email for comments or suggestions?
Answer: email the Public Works Engineering Subdivisions at

How do I place a Final Map on Council Agenda?
Answer: Go to Checklist for Final Tract Map Recordation

How do I obtain a Notice of Completion?
Answer: Go to NOC Recording Check List

Where can I view a list of advertised City projects?
Answer: Go to

How much are Transportation Impact Fees?
Answer: Go to Transportation Impact Fee webpage