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Public Works - Engineering Subdivision

Revised Sections Proposed for the New Subdivision & Engineering Design Manual

The City of Bakersfield is in the process of updating the Subdivision & Engineering Design Manual. The sections will be re-numbered, as we have added 2 new sections – “General” and “Grading”.

1.0 General (Posted 1/2010 – re-posted1/29/2014)
2.0 Sanitary Sewers (Posted 4/2012 – re-posted 9/19/2013)
3.0 Drainage (Details Only)
4.0 Grading (To Come)
5.0 Streets (Posted 7/2012 – re-posted 9/19/2013)
6.0 Traffic (Posted 9/19/2013)
7.0 Landscaping (Posted 9/19/2013)

Design Policy Directives (Posted 1/29/2014)


We recommend downloading and printing out the documents. If you have any comments or questions, please send them by fax to 661-852-2011 or by email to