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Public Works - Engineering Subdivision

Design Manual
The manual has been broken up into different sections for your ease in downloading and browsing:

Document contains:

Design Policy Directive, Street Grades in The Hillside Development Overlay Zone (9/29/06)

Design Policy Directive, New Standards for Roundabouts and Neo-Traditional Streets (5/24/06)

-Handicapped Ramps (12/6/04)

-Asphalt Concrete Specification Revision (1/15/03)

- Median Curb Detail (1/23/2002)

- Updates packet (10/20/2000)

- Typical Striping Plan figure (2/01/2000)

- City of Bakersfield Basic Insurance Requirements (See "Insurance Requirements for Vendors & Construction Projects:" on the Risk Managment Division homepage)

Acknowledgements, Table of Contents, List of Figures and Introduction

1. Standards for Sanitary Sewers

2. Standards for Drainage

3. Standards for Streets

4. Traffic

5. Landscaping and Walls

Bibliography and Appendix A: Specifications for Sewer Pump Stations

Introduction to the Subdivision & Engineering Design Manual
The standards and policies contained in this manual regulate all new improvements, public and private, to be dedicated to the public and accepted by the City for maintenance. Minimum standards are necessary to keep the high costs of maintenance down whenever possible. These standards are intended to keep operating costs on public facilities at a minimum.

The standards and policies are intended to provide for adequate, coordinated, modern development with required facilities to serve the citizens of the City of Bakersfield. They are also intended to implement the policies and goals of the 2010 General Plan. Familiarity with the General Plan is encouraged to augment the use of this manual.

Certain projects receiving State or Federal funds or within County, State or Federal jurisdiction are subject to the standards of the respective agency.

The standards and policies contained in this manual are intended to be applied to new developments which are not constrained by already existing improvements, topography, previous parcelization or other unusual conditions. Limited exceptions may be allowed by the City Engineer provided said exceptions do not adversely affect minimum standards resulting in higher costs or losses to the City; nor may said exceptions adversely affect public safety. Requests for exceptions shall be made in writing to the City Engineer with sufficient information presented to warrant a deviation.

This manual is not to be applied, without qualifications, to infill development. Infill development within the City is sometimes constrained by existing improvements. To the extent deemed possible by the City, infill development will be required to meet these standards.

Much of this material has been drawn from previous City regulations, policies and standards as well as nationally established texts and publications listed in the Bibliography.

Accuracy, sound design, and conformance with accepted engineering practice of all plans submitted to the City will remain the sole responsibility of the engineer sealing the plans.