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Public Works Engineering - Construction Division

Construction PlansOur goal is to provide the citizens of the City of Bakersfield with Quality Control and Quality Assurance with respect to standard City design criteria through the use of on-site inspection of all construction including; permit work, subdivision development improvements and Capital Improvement Projects implemented within the City Right-of-Way. We also provide survey services for the Public Works Department as well as for many other City Departments.

Street Construction Permits:

Also known as Open Street Permits and Street Permits, a Street Construction Permit is required for any construction which is not a part of the Construction photoCity of Bakersfield Capital Improvement Project Program which occurs within City right-of-way. Our inspectors insure quality construction for all Street Construction Permits.

Street Construction Permits are utilized by private citizens, utility companies and contractors. When a need arises to perform construction within City right-of-way such as installation of a water main, installation or repair of curbs, gutters, sidewalk, drive approaches, wheelchair ramps, sewer laterals, or fences to name a few, a permit is issued and the permitted is required to request inspection at the appropriate time. Typical examples include inspection of: trench backfill and compaction, curb, gutter and sidewalk form work, and asphalt concrete trench patching to City standards.

Construction photoIf you have any questions regarding the permitting processing and associated costs, please call (661) 326-3049 or email us at

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