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Speed Bumps and City Policy

The City has established a policy whereby requests for the installation of speed bumps (road undulations) can be processed and analyzed. This policy establishes procedures and criteria for the installation of these road undulations on public streets. What follows is a summary of the procedure and criteria.

How to request a speed bump.
A request must originate from the residents of the street upon which the undulation is intended and must take the form of a formal petition in a format provided by the City. These are circulated on all streets the City establishes might be affected by the undulation. At least 75% of the residents must sign the petition for the process to continue. Once a valid petition is received and accepted, certain criteria (warrants) must be met for the undulation to be approved.

Warrants which must be satisfied include such things as: traffic volumes must range between 500 and 2500 vehicles per day, the speed limit must be 25 MPH, more than 2/3 of the motorists exceed the speed limit or 85% must exceed the limit by more than 10 MPH, the street must have good visibility, the street must be residential in nature, street lighting must be present and the installation won't result in diversion of traffic to other residential streets.

The procedure for processing the request includes verification of the petitions, collecting the necessary traffic data to analyze the warrants, verifying compliance with the warrants, making recommendations to the City Council for approval and then field locating each undulation prior to installation.

The City will have an annual contract for installation of road undulations which will be constructed per adopted design standards. Installation will include all appropriate striping, signing and road markings.

Prior to installation, the sponsoring group of residents shall deposit with the City the required unit cost for a road undulation under the annual contract. The group has the option of obtaining a private Contractor to install the undulations. The Contractor will be required to obtain a permit and adhere to all elements of the standards.

Request of Official Policy
The City Council adopted a policy on the use of "road undulations". The full text of the policy is available upon request as a separate pamphlet entitled "Official" POLICY OF THE CITY OF BAKERSFIELD RELATIVE TO THE USE OF ROAD UNDULATIONS FOR TRAFFIC SPEED CONTROL ON PUBLIC STREETS. To request the adopted policy please contact the Bakersfield City Clerk's Office at (661) 326-3767.