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Traffic EnginnerDivision Goal -
Our division goal is to provide development, design, and project management services for Citywide Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects: ensure proposed new developments are in compliance with generally accepted engineering standards, City ordinances and other statutory regulations; provide surveying and inspection services on CIP projects and developer financed public improvements to ensure conformance to construction standards, plans, specifications and statutory regulations; provide for the safe and efficient movement of people and products through traffic engineering operations, design and planning; and provide management and oversight for the design and construction of the various project elements of the Bakersfield Systems Plan.

As traffic engineers for the City, we take our role in solving traffic problems very seriously. Yet the ultimate burden of safety rests with you, the motorist in Bakersfield. Although we receive over 200 citizen requests per year, we try to investigate your request as quickly as work load permits.

We will respond after carefully evaluating your request. We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have questions, requests or suggestions concerning traffic, please call the Engineering Division at (661) 326-3724 or feel free to e-mail us.

Traffic Documents and Links

Bikeways Signals
Master Trails & Bikeways Coordination as of 2008 (03_31)
Bicycle Detection Signals as of 2008 (11_24)
Bikeway_Master_Plan-2_2009 update Report A Traffic Signal
Existing Bikeways 9_2005 Speedlimits
Brochures About Adopted Speedlimits
Bicycle Detection 2010 Master Circulation Plan
Left Turn Signals 2011 Speed Limits
Marked Crosswalks Speedbumps and City Policy
Neighborhood Traffic Safety Truck Routes
School Routes California Legal Routes
Speedbump Policy STAA Trucks
Speedbumps Additional Info
Stop Signs and Traffic Signals KernCog Traffic Data Interactive Maps

Traffic Signals
Each year, the city receives many inquiries concerning the operation of traffic signals within the City. The public's understanding of the function of traffic signals can improve driving habits by reducing speeding and associated traffic accidents. The more drivers know about the operation of traffic signals the less they will be frustrated when waiting for a signal to change.

Why Are Traffic Signals Needed?
As traffic volumes increase beyond the capability of lesser controls such as a four way stop, it may be necessary to install a traffic signal. Before installing a traffic signal at an intersection, established minimum criteria must be satisfied. A review includes: The amount of vehicular and pedestrian traffic; the need to provide interruption to the major flow for side street vehicles and pedestrians; special conditions such as hills and curves; the accident history of the intersection and the proximity of schools.

Neighborhood Traffic Safety
Citizens frequently express their concerns regarding traffic speeds and pedestrian safety in residential neighborhoods. The City established this neighborhood traffic program to address these concerns. The program involves a joint effort between the residents and the City in an effort to improve traffic safety in their neighborhoods

Crosswalks are either marked or unmarked. The California Vehicle Code defines a "crosswalk" as the portion of a roadway at an intersection, which is an extension of the curb and property lines of the intersecting street or is any other portion of a roadway which is marked as a pedestrian crossing location by painted lines. A marked crosswalk is any crosswalk which is delineated by white or yellow painted markings placed on the pavement. All other crosswalk locations are therefore unmarked.

City of Bakersfield's Bikeways
There are three types of bikeways that are part of the City master plan, Class 1 - Separate bicycle paths; Class 2 - Striped bike lanes on existing roadways; and Class 3 - Signed bike routes (without striped bike lanes) on existing roadways.

Truck Routes & Maps
Specific traffic routes have been adopted by city ordinance, pursuant to California Vehicle Code section 35701, for trucks and other commercial vehicles over 25,000 pounds.

The City has adopted truck routes for both Interstate and California Legal type trucks. Please refer to Bakersfield Municipal Code.