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City Services

Community Development
Community Development's goal is to provide professional and technical oversight and support to achieve a balanced community with a land use plan that combines the preservation of existing communities with opportunities for growth and that is responsive to the needs of the community; and to ensure that buildings and their environments are constructed and maintained in conformance with the adopted codes, standards, permits and policies.

Public Works
Public Works provides infrastructure design, construction and inspection of city services by designing, installing and maintaining traffic control systems, maintenance of street surfaces, publicly-owned facilities, street lighting, monitoring, and maintaining the Wastewater Treatment Plants, sanitary sewer and storm drain systems, and recycling center. In addition the Department ensures an adequate inventory of safe and efficient motorized fleet, equipment and telecommunications systems.

Recreation & Parks
Recreation and Parks provides various activities that promotes exercise, social skills, and community involvement. 

Water Resources
The Water Resources Department oversees the divisions of Agricultural Water and Domestic Water. The Department delivers and conserves water for the benefit of all current and future citizens of Bakersfield.