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Building Division FAQ's

How do I apply for a research of the building inspection records or commercial plans for a particular property?

Building inspection files are public records and requests for research can be done by FAX, mail, or in person at the Permit Counter.

What are the requirements for a patio addition? See Ordinances & Standards.

Plans are required and there specifications that must be met with regards to the materials used and footings.

What are the fencing and alarm requirements for a swimming pool, spa or hot tub?

There are permit and safety requirements that must be met including submitting plans for review.

What are the specifications for handicapped parking, ramps and stairways?

Depending on the situation and location, there are different specifications.

What are the handicap specifications for restrooms and drinking fountains?

The specifications vary, depending on the size and location of the restroom or drinking fountain.

What is an "encroachment" and how would I get a permit for one?

In general, an encroachment is defined as any permanent or temporary fixture (such as a fence) that intrudes into, upon, over or under any street, alley, sidewalk, or public way and certain requirements have to be met in order to get a permit for a proposed encroachment.

In order to move a building to new location, what are the requirements for a permit?

Among other things, plans must be submitted and the building must be fully inspected by a licensed civil or structural engineer or a licensed architect. There are also requirements and conditions that must be met regarding the building's condition and the site and neighborhood to which it is going to be moved. A cash deposit or performance bond to guarantee full compliance is required in addition to the permit fee.

What is needed to apply for a garage conversion permit?

Plans are required and off street parking and set back requirements must be met. If the converted garage is going to be used as a bedroom, the conditions of UBC Section 1204 must be adhered. In most cases, a Special Inspection is required before the building permit is issued.

For brochures contact the Building Division at(661) 326-3720.

What is a public nuisance and how would it be abated?

A public nuisance could be any number of things that affect private property or a neighborhood. Common examples are lots overgrown with weeds and/or trash and debris; abandoned vehicles; vacant buildings that neglected or partially destroyed. When these conditions exist in a neighborhood, they can be reported to the Code Enforcement section for investigation.

What are the specifics needed for residential fire protection system requirements?

Unless the owner of a owner occupied single family dwelling is installing his own system, all fire protection systems must be installed by specified contractors. Plans must be submitted in either case that include a floor plan indicating sprinkler or device locations, plus piping or wiring layout. The plans must include a detail of the riser and indicate the sprinkler used. The piping may be copper, steel or CPVC. The system must be hydraulically calculated using the pressure, flow and residual reduced by 15%. The system must also be tested with house water pressure and be inspected by the Building Division. New house systems are tested at time of frame.

What is needed for a sign permit?

Signs and banners require a permit. The requirements varying depending on what type of sign is to be installed and zoning laws.

What are the requirements for waste tire removal and hauling?

There are comprehensive requirements for the storage and disposal of waste tires per the California Legislature and the Tire Recycling Act which are intended to address potential fire and health risks.